How To Tie a Windsor Knot

It’s the first day of a new job, and reluctantly time to hang up the sneakers and learn how to tie a Windsor knot. While it might seem difficult on the first couple tries, looking professional with a shirt and tie is as easy as jeans and a T-shirt once it becomes part of a regular routine. Plus, no one wants to be embarrassed in front of their co-workers or colleagues by showing up with a sloppy Windsor knot.

  1. Place the tie around the shirt collar, with the wide end on the right. This should be about one foot below the thinner end, depending on height. This will ensure that the finished Windsor knot isn’t too short.
  2. Begin tying the Windsor knot. Cross the thicker end over top of the thin, and then pull it up and over, through the loop in the center, below the neck.
  3. Using the wider end of the tie, bring it behind the thinner end. The thicker end should be up on the right side now and ready to start the knot.
  4. From the right side, put the wider end through the loop below the neck. Once this is through the loop, bring it around the thin end, towards the right side again.
  5. With the thicker end of the tie, and bring it through the loop again. The Windsor knot should be taking shape now, and the thick end should towards the left side of the thinner end; ready for the final step.
  6. Take the wide end and pull it through the knot created in the front, below the collar. Pull down on the thicker end and the tie should nearly complete.
  7. Adjust the Windsor knot to fit the shirt collar. Tighten the tie so it reaches the collar, covering the top button, but not so constricting that it cuts off blood flow.

After the first few days, this will become a regular as pouring the morning coffee or tying a pair of shoes. Never again will there be a rushed morning, running around franticly trying to find someone to help as if it were high school all over again. Thankfully, that’s one less step to worry about while preparing for an important day at work or an exciting job interview.

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