How To Tie Up Your Wife Safely

If you want to try out a little adventure in the bedroom, you might want to know how to tie up your wife safely. A little role playing in the bedroom can add a lot of excitement and might even lead to more time in the sack. Use these tips to safely tie up your wife and have the night of your life in bed.

  1. Use soft restraints. Choose these carefully. You can browse many online retailers who offer this sort of thing or you can check out your local sex toy shop. The restraints you use should have a loop mechanism that allows you them like slip knots. The part that goes around her wrists or ankles should be soft to the touch, so that it does not chafe her skin.
  2. Make sure you have permission. Only attempt to tie up your wife if you have talked about it beforehand. Once you have both decided that it would be fun, you should choose a safe word that you can use if she becomes uncomfortable and wants to stop. The safe word should be something that you would never say during sex, such as "motorcycle".
  3. Be careful what you tie your wife to. If you are going to tie your wife to the bedposts, make sure that they are secure and that they cannot be broken during your lovemaking session. Whatever you use to tie up the restraints should be solid and immovable.

Tying up your wife can be lots of fun and might be something that you both really enjoy. By being safe about your new adventure, you are much more likely to have fun and add it to your list of regular bedroom activities.

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