How To Tight Roll Jeans

For the fashion forward, mastering how to tight roll jeans is something you'll want to do. Every few decades fashion trends seem to repeat themselves. We've seen the flannel shirts and skinny pants from years ago resurface in fashion today, and revisiting the '80s is no exception. Tight rolling jeans can be seen on hipsters across the nation.

To tight roll jeans, all you need is:

  • Denim jeans
  • Know-how
  1. Buy jeans. Avoid using boot-cut jeans. Regular jeans from brands such as Jordache or Guess work best. Acid washed denim looks good tight rolled. Check thrift stores for jeans.
  2. Pinch the cuff of the jeans. While wearing the jeans, pull the bottom cuff tightly around your ankle. The back of the seam should be positioned against your Achilles Tendon. There will be slack in the front of the pant's leg. You are going to want to pinch this slack near the front ankle. Half of the jean cuff will be tight, the other half will be free. 
  3. Flatten the slack by pressing. Hold the pinch. Do not release. Fold the slack down. Press it flat against your ankle. Hold the fold in place with your index finger. Hold the end of the slack down with your thumb. The cuff should be completely wrapped and feel tight.
  4. Begin to roll. With a hand on either side of a single pant leg, squeeze your fingers inside the seam. Your thumb should be just above the seam. Use one hand to hold in place and use the other hand to roll. To make it even, you are going to maneuver a hand inside the cuff as you roll. You need to form at least two rolls for the tight rolls to hold the jeans in place. Repeat the steps on the other pant leg.
  5. Rock those jeans. You are now ready to step out in your stylish jeans. Party hard, but not too hard!
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