How Tight Should Motorcycle Handlebars Be?

Wondering how tight should motorcycle handlebars be? When it comes to motorcycles people are more interested to feel the thrill than stay safe, which is not quite recommended. In case you have your own motorcycle or you think about purchasing one, make sure that you also opt for safety not just for the adrenalin.

  1. Handlebars are basically the most important part of your acquisition, because they offer stability and at the same time mobility when it comes to driving. Unlike a car, you don’t have a wheel to help you stay in control; you have handlebars that control directly the entire motorbike. Thus, you have to make sure that you learn how to tighten correctly these basic technical parts, so as to make sure you are safe all the time.
  2. Begin with placing the riser nuts onto each and every riser bolt, and try to tighten them without using any additional tools. Remember to apply some blue loctite before you squeeze the riser bolts and you’ll manage to fasten permanently the riser locks, ensuring safety for your handlebars and for the rest of your motorbike.
  3. Further on, to make sure you stabilize the nuts into place, try using a rachet and a socket set. However, do not fasten it to tight because you’ll still want to have mobility for you riser mounts. Continue with installing the handlebars, but remember that you will still want to have mobility and flexibility on the road.
  4. Driving at high speed will make your handlebars slacken off if you don’t pay close attention to the perfect process of tightening. Thus, it is advisable to use a 1/2-inch torque wrench and socket so as to have proper adjustments for your brand new handlebars. Finally, to make sure you have the adequate torque and socket, ask for advice from your producer and you’ll surely enjoy the safest ride.
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