How To Tighten Aging Skin On Neck

The ravages of aging and the horrors of gravity will effect us all at some point in our lives, but knowing how to tighten aging skin on your neck can help you fight gravity and keep the aging process at bay–if only just for a little while longer. The are two methods you can use when you want to tighten aging skin on your neck: you can use natural methods that focus on diet and exercise or you can opt for a surgical procedure. Using natural methods to tighten aging skin on your neck may take a bit longer, but it costs a lot less and the results last longer than surgical procedures. Here are a few things you can do to tighten aging skin on your neck.
  1. Drink plenty of water. We’re sure you’ve heard this bit of advice time and time again from your mom, but it bares repeating. Lack of moisture is one of the biggest contributors to aging skin. Drinking six to eight glasses of water every day will give your skin the moisture it needs and help tighten aging skin on your neck.
  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Most of us don’t think about how what we eat impacts our skin and the aging process. Eating a lot of processed, greasy foods can dry your skin and slow your skin’s natural repair process, ultimately making you look much older. Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables will help your skin’s natural repair process work more efficiently, fight off skin-damaging free radicals and balance the moisture in your skin. All things that will help you tighten aging skin on your neck
  3. Do some face and neck exercises. Gravity is a major contributor to aging skin on the neck. The best way to fight the effects of gravity on aging skin is to exercise the muscles. Doing face and muscle exercises everyday will strengthen the muscles under your skin and help tighten aging skin on your neck.
  4. When all else fails, think about surgery. If facial exercises, diet and plenty of liquids aren’t doing enough to help tighten aging skin on your neck, you may want to look into surgery. The two most common types or surgery used to tighten aging skin on the neck are injectable treatments and surgical lifts. Injectable treatments, such as Botox, can be injected directly into to the skin, temporarily limiting the movement of the tiny muscles in your neck that can cause wrinkles and help tighten aging skin on the neck. The downside to using an injectable treatments is that they need to be redone every three to four months and cause permanent damage to the muscles if they’re used too often. A surgical lift means the doctor will cut into a few portions of your neck and lift and tuck the skin to tighten aging skin on your neck. Having a surgical lift is more permanent than using an injectable, but it, too, may need to be refreshed every few years.
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