How To Tighten Her Vagina

So your girlfriend wants to know how to tighten her vagina for a better, wetter, sexier feel, eh? Well there’s no shortage of sexy tips available to help her keep her juicebox wet, tight and good enough to make you beg for more. Some of these tips are obvious and only need her to stay consistent, others are for the purely lazy at heart and the rest will be for real “kegelistas” looking to blow your mind in bed, period.

Perform kegel exercises regularly. The easiest way for her to learn how to tighten her vagina is to learn the art of magnificent kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are discrete, free and relatively easy for her to perform. They strengthen the pelvic floor for tighter vaginal walls and improved sexual experience. The best part? She can perform kegels anywhere at anytime, and you’ll be none the wiser. Kegel exercises can be performed by the very action of her contracting the vaginal muscles and holding them for about two to ten full seconds at a time. Have her aim for about ten repetitions at a time, three times per day.

Invest in a vaginal tightening tool for her. Vaginal tightening products like the KegelMaster are for serious vaginal exercisers of all levels who want to really take their results to the next level. The KegelMaster looks like a sex toy, but the best way to describe it is like a handgrip for your vagina. This lightweight plastic toy is outfitted with up to four spring holders for almost sixteen levels of vaginal tightening. Some women claim to feel their vagina tighten within the first week of regular use – and these are women with children! If you don’t like the steep price tag associated with KegelMaster, you can also look for similar products online.

Tighten her vagina with cream. This is the laziest way for your girlfriend to tighten her vagina, and results are mixed. There’s China Nympho Shrink Cream, but it contains alum, which most experts don’t reccomend for vaginal contact. There are also other temporary herbs and gels that are sold in adult novelty stores as well as at those sexy little toy parties women have with their friends. Prices range from $5 to $30, depending on where you go and what you buy. Another downside is that the effects are temporary.

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