How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks

A skateboard is a prize possession for avid skateboarders and proper maintenance and adjustments can make skateboarding safer, so every rider should know how to tighten skateboard trucks. Skateboard trucks act like an axle in a car. Generally, skateboards have two trucks located under the deck that face each other. The metal T-shaped component is where the wheels are mounted and adjusting them is a simple task, even for a novice.

To tighten skateboard trucks, you will need:

  • T skateboard truck tool
  1. Turn skateboard with the wheels facing up. To prevent the deck from damage, you can place the skateboard on a soft surface or even on your lap.
  2. Grip the T skateboard truck tool.  The T skateboard truck tool is designed to grip the tool on the “T” handle and align the socket over the bolts on the truck. Ensure the socket is aligned correctly to prevent stripping the bolt.
  3. Turn truck tool. Turn the truck tool to the right to tighten the bolt.
  4. Repeat. Repeat the previous steps for the next three bolts. When tightening each bolt, try to turn the tool the same amount of pressure to make them even.
  5. Turn the deck side of the skateboard back up. Place the board back on the ground and start riding it to ensure the skateboard trucks are tightened enough.
  6. Adjust as needed. Follow the previous steps to either tighten or loosen the truck bolts for the perfect ride.

Tip: When you tighten skateboard trucks, remember "right is tight and left is loose." If the bolts are rusted or hard to turn, use a small amount of lubricating or sewing machine oil to help lubricate the bolts.

Warning: Tighten skateboard trucks in small increments to prevent injury from occurring.

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