How Is The Time Set On A Timex Sports Watch

The first thing to do when you get a Timex is learn how to set the time on a Timex sports watch. To begin with, Timex Sports Watches come in numerous model, shapes and designs. To make sure you learn properly how to adjust your time, you have two options to choose from, mechanical of digital watches. Usually, digital ones are easier to operate because you have the exact indications placed onto your gadget. These buttons are set to show you exactly what to do, and when to operate, while mechanical Timex watches are a bit more sophisticated.

  1. First make sure that your watch has a brand new battery, and that the device works properly. In case you have a mechanical Timex Sports, begin with pulling out the first small knob from the right side of your watch.
  2. Then, begin to twist the knob and you will begin to see the arrows moving clockwise. Choose your appropriate time and push back the knob to put your watch in motion. Regarding the other type of Timex Sports watch, the digital one, adjusting the time is much easier.
  3. Begin with pushing the first button on the right side of the watch. Recognized as the main button, you will manage to create every basic change you might like. Called the set/clear switch, the button will soon enough show you how to set your watch after three short seconds. Afterwards, you try to use the start/stop switch to adjust your wanted time and date and you’re almost done.
  4. Next, use the push button on the left side of the Timex and change the mode of your watch. Afterwards, continue with finding the appropriate hour and press the button again until you fix the hour. In order to set the minute frame, you have to return to the main settings. To end the entire process and to have you watch correctly tuned, memorize all modifications and it’s done.
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