How To Tip Craps Dealers

If you really want to make money at a craps table, learn how to tip craps dealers! The crap dealer can give you insight as to how the table has done, how many numbers the shooter has made, and what numbers are hot (and which are, well, not). As with any casino dealers, craps dealers are paid a very small hourly wage and rely on the tips of the gamblers for their living. A hot craps table can make you, and them, money.

  1. Decide when you want to tip. You can either choose to tip the craps dealers while the game is under play or all at once, when you're done playing. If the table is hot, the craps dealers might prefer for you to place bets for them while the dice are in play.
  2. Tip on the Pass line or Don't Pass line. Laying a chip (or chips) right on the white line of the Pass or Don't Pass area will signal that you're tipping the dealer. If your lay the chip on the Pass line and the shooter makes their number, the dealer will get the chip plus another equal denomination chip. If you lay the chip on the Don't Pass line, the craps dealers will be tipped if the shooter craps out (a seven is rolled before their number comes in).
  3. Put a side bet on the hard ways for the craps dealer. Throw a dollar chip out the dealer manning the stick and yell, "Hard way six for the dealer.' That will signal that you're placing a bet that a hard way six (two threes) will come in before any other combination of six comes in (one and five or two and four).
  4. Place a field bet for the dealer. Throw a chip on the 'Field' bet and yell, "For the dealers." If any of the numbers in the field come in one the next roll, you've at least doubled the chip you threw out there. If a two or twelve comes in on the next roll, you've tripled the value, and the craps dealers will love you.
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