How To Toggle Allied Colors In Starcraft

Are you a Starcraft fan and need to know how to toggle allied colors in Starcraft? If you love strategy games then you will love Starcraft because it is a real-time strategy game. In Starcraft the players' goal is to get through the three different races as they attempt to conquer the galaxy by being in control of their own force. Over time the forces can be allied with each player. The player can toggle the allied colors which will enable them to highlight the allegiance of each unit as they play Starcraft. Follow the steps below to learn how to toggle colors in Starcraft.  

To toggle allied colors in Starcraft you will  need:

  • Starcraft software
  • a computer
  1. Start a Starcraft game. Once you start Starcraft, select the game play mode. This is where you will be able to toggle the allied colors.
  2. Toggle the allied colors by turning them on. To toggle on the allied colors press the "Shift" button plus the "Tab" button simultaneously. Once you toggle the allied colors on your forces will turn colors. Your forces will turn to green, allied forces will turn to yellow, and your enemy forces will turn to red.
  3. Locate the unit allegiances. To see the unit allegiances scroll around on the map in Starcraft. To alter the appearance on the game map in every unit toggle on the allied colors.
  4. Turn off the toggle allied colors. Press the "Shift" button plus the "Tab" button simultaneously once more to be able to turn off the toggle allied colors in Starcraft.



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