How Tom Install Apps To iPhone From Computer

Learn how to install Apps to an iPhone from a computer. Admitting, apps are easier to find and research on a computer that from the AppStore. Sometimes, on the computer we could find some cool Apps that aren't even featured in the AppStore. As long as you have iTunes installed on your PC the installation of apps to an iPhone from a computer is easy and simple.

  1. Open iTunes on your PC. iTunes needs to be open if you are going to install apps to your iPhone from your PC. Anything that is being added/deleted from your iPhone must be done through iTunes only. Ensure that iTunes is running effectively and smoothly.
  2. Search for Apps and add your desired Apps to your iTunes Library. On your iTunes dashboard there is a tab that says Apps. Click that tab and begin searching for Apps you would like to be present on your iPhone. If you already have saved Apps in your iTunes library, then skip to step three.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your PC. Be sure that your iPhone is turned on and connect it to your PC. Ensure that iTunes is your main open window. Once iTunes recognizes your iPhone, then refer to step four.
  4. Check all Apps that you want present on your iPhone. Everything that is checked in your iTunes library will automatically be added to your iPhone during the sync process. Anything that is not checked will not be added/deleted from the iPhone. So, it is very important the box on the upper left hand corner of the App is checked.
  5. Click 'file' then sync to iPhone. Sync may take a few seconds/minutes depending on how many Apps you are adding. There is a bar in the upper center corner of the iTunes window that will show you the sync progress.
  6. Disconnect the iPhone. Once the sync process is complete, then check your iPhone for the new Apps. They should show up on the last desktop screen of your iPhone. If they are not present, then repeat steps one through five.



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