How To Tone Upper Arms Without Exercise

So, you're lazy and you want to learn how to get toned arms without exercise. It would be rather difficult to tone your arms without any exercise at all, but there are some things you can do to improve your chances. We all have muscles under our layers of fat, but it is up to us to get our muscle to fat percentage in the right ratio.

1. START A LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIET. Eating a low carbohydrate diet 100 grams or lower, would cause your body to burn more fat since you will be limiting the body's main source of energy.  The body goes to plan B and starts to look to your fat stores for energy.  This diet is popular with bodybuilders, because it is easy for them to get their body fat percentage low enough.  A low body fat percentage of 10-15% is essential when trying to show those muscles off. 

2. EAT A LOT OF PROTEIN. Eating at least half your body weight of protein in grams is enough to help maintain and possibly build more muscle tissue.  Your muscles are made up of protein, so it would be logical to eat protein to feed the muscle.  Protein can be mainly found in nuts, meat, and soy products.  Eating too much protein, though, can cause your body to store more fat.  Storing more fat in the body can cause the muscles to continue to be unrevealed.

3. DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF FOOD. Depriving yourself of food will cause your body to go into a starvation mode.  When our body goes into starvation mode, it feeds off our fat cells and our muscle tissue.  That could make the muscle smaller, therefore making it more difficult to appear toned.


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