How To Tongue A Girl

To know how to tongue a girl, there are a few simple (and tasty) tips to follow. Being creative, energetic and long-lasting is important in your efforts to orally satisfy your lover. Just as much as you like oral sex, it’s certain that she does as well, and pleasing her this way will make sure she keeps coming back for more and more.

  1. Warm her up first. To tongue a girl you need to make sure that she’s good and ready for you. Don’t skip through the foreplay; take to time to cuddle, kiss, suck and nibble and let her know that you’re excited to be with her. Men notoriously fly through foreplay, but if you take the time to show her how into her you are, by the time you get down to the business, you’ll find her wet and ready.
  2. Start slow and finish with authority. When you tongue a girl you can’t dive right in ravenously. Start off licking her slowly, letting her anticipation build and letting her get used to the feel of your tongue. As she starts to get more and more into it, speed up, increasing your intensity. Finally, when she’s reaching her peak, keep up a steady and firm pace, letting her ride your tongue the whole way home.
  3. Respond to her movements. Your partner will let you know what’s working and what she doesn’t like. To tongue a girl you have to respond properly to her movements. If she pulls away or doesn’t seem to be into it, you need to change up a bit. If she is grinding her hips and grabbing the back of your head while arching her back, you’re probably on to something. Carefully watch her physical response to you and continue appropriately.
  4. Let your fingers help out. When you tongue a girl you are giving her the best oral pleasure has to offer. This does not mean, however, that your mouth should be the only part of you working. Bring your hands into play and use your fingers to probe your partner. Lightly penetrate her with your finger and gently massage her labia. This will give her the dual sensation of your mouth on her clit and penetration at the same time.
  5. Alternate between the important spots. To tongue a girl you should focus not just on her clit but also on her vaginal opening. Most women reach orgasm from clitoral stimulation, but you can make the experience last longer by easing up from the clit and penetrating your partner vaginally with your tongue. Move back and forth and find her wriggling and moaning under your actions.
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