How To Toss A Ball When Serving In Tennis

Learning how to toss a ball when serving in tennis is essential to making a successful serve. The keys to tossing a tennis ball when serving are timing and ball placement. If you toss the ball too low, you're going to short arm your swing, causing the ball to hit the net. If you toss a ball when you're serving and it's too high, you run the risk of missing it altogether or hitting the ball with terrible accuracy. Without the ability to toss a ball correctly when serving in a game of tennis, you have no chance of winning the match. So, let's get it going. Let's learn how to toss a ball when serving in tennis.

  1. Work on your stance. Before you can begin to worry about tossing the ball when serving, you need to know how to position yourself to best hit the ball after the toss. Your legs need to be shoulder-width apart. Your body should be angled so that your tossing hand is forward while the hand you're going to hit the ball with is in the back. Your lead foot should be pointing towards the net and slightly bent. Your other leg, which is under your hitting arm and hand, should be just slightly relaxed with your foot facing away from your body.
  2. Practice your swing. Tossing the ball when serving will mean absolutely nothing if you don't know the radius of your swing. Practice your swing. Pay attention to how high your racket goes when you swing it overhand. You're going to need to toss the ball as high as the middle area of your racket's netting. Don't be shy with it. Practice your swing like you're really trying to serve in a tennis match.
  3. Toss the ball. Now that you know how high you need to toss the tennis ball when serving in an actual tennis match, it's just a matter of practicing with an actual ball. So, practice tossing a ball and serving it. It'll take a little time to perfect your toss, but you'll get it with some practice. The more you practice, the more your toss will seem like second nature. Then you can worry about tougher aspects of the game, like chasing down your opponent's serves.
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