How To Toubleshoot A 42 Inch Samsung LCD TV

When your TV is broken and knowing how to troubleshoot a 42-inch Samsung LCD TV is eminent. Why wait for a week for the repair man to fix your television set? Not many people appreciate having to live without TV for so long and paying for service repair if the TV is out of warranty.

Luckily, small problems can be fixed at home and sometimes this is all the TV will ever need. Cables might need to be replaced, batteries might need to be replaced or cable connections reinforced. Doing this at home saves not only money, but also time spent on waiting for the TV to come back from service.

Items required:

  • New batteries
  • New cables
  1. Find the problem. Sound or video image can be a problem caused by cables, so these are the firsts to be checked. By moving the cables around, a difference in position of the cable can be noticed. In this case, this is the cable that needs to be changed or reinforced.

  2. Test the remote. If the remote is not working properly, the batteries might need to be replaced. Replace the batteries and see if the remote is working. Objects in front of the TV might block the waves, so remove anything in front of the TV.

  3. Software. Using the remote, go into the main menu. Select "Audio" and check "Balance." Do the same for the video or colors. This could be the cause of all your problems.

  4. Sound test. Using the remote, cut the sound off one speaker and see if the remaining one works properly. Do the same to test the other speaker.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Do not mix old batteries with the old ones.
  • If the cables and the remote are working properly and nothing is out of place in the main menu bar, service assistance is required to fix the TV.
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