How To Touch A Girl’s Boobs

Learn how to touch a girl's boobs to keep her wanting more and asking you for it every time. Believe it or not a girl's boobs is key to letting her know if you are worth her time. A guy who pays close attention to a females boobs is not always a jerk. Once you learn how to respect and touch a girl's bobs the right way you will soon find out you will get that home run you are looking for. Listed below you will find out how to touch a girl's boobs to keep her coming back for more.

  1. Women with large breasts are harder to stimulate. This is because the nipple is stretched farther from her boob itself. It will take more stimulating in order to arouse a woman with large boobs. Gently caress her breasts beside the armpit. This will generate a tingling feeling in her boobs that will drive her wild with passion.
  2. Women with small breasts are easy to stimulate. This is because they are so small and the nipple is not far away from the boob. Gently place her boob in your hand and squeeze and rub up and down in a circular motion. She will love you for this later.
  3. Surgically enhanced breasts are not hard to stimulate. Although they are surgically done, they do not lose feelings. Instead they will be a bit harder to move then natural boobs. However, that does not affect the use or pleasure in any way shape or form. Try caressing the top portion with your fingertips while gently massaging. Cup her boobs in your hands and massage from top to bottom. You will be glad you paid the extra attention to her boobs.

Touching a girls boobs is a tender way of saying what is on your mind at the time. Talk softly while you touch her and tell her what you like about the size and shape. This will excite her too.

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