How To Touch Her Body

If you want to pleasure your girlfriend, then you should know how to touch her body. You may be are a pro when comes to kissing, but having the right touch is a completely different story. If you don’t know how to touch her at all or are very sloppy at it, don’t worry! The great news is that practice makes perfect. Just follow these great tips on how to touch her body, and she will be begging you to touch her very soon.

  1. Pet her hair. The first tip for touching her body is to play with her hair gently. Depending on the type of hair she has, you will touch it differently. Let’s say that she has straight hair. First, you will massage her scalp for a good while. Next, you will brush her hair with your fingers over and over. If she has curly hair, all you have to do is to pet it. When dealing with her hair, consider kissing her softly on any part of her face such as her cheeks, forehead, lips, etc. Sooner or later, you will hear her moaning.
  2. Stroke her back. The second tip for touching her body is to caress her back. Before you begin, get on a bed or couch and let her lay down with her back facing up. Since her clothes can get in your way, it is recommended for her to get naked. While kissing her neck softly, you will keep running your hand up and down her back. In order to turn her on, go ahead and kiss her all over while stroking her back.   
  3. Fondle her breasts. The third tip for touching her body is to stroke her breasts. Make sure that her bra is off. It wouldn’t feel right if she has it on. It is best for her to lay flat on a bed or couch. Grab her breasts gently and then start squeezing them for a good while. In the meanwhile, you can lick her nipples with the tip of your tongue. If you want to give her some ultimate excitement, squeeze and kiss all over her breasts. Don’t be surprised when she takes it to the next level.
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