How To Track Lost Luggage

Here are some easy tips on how to track lost luggage. Most lost luggage complaints are with airlines. It’s rare that your luggage may go missing from a cab or train. If you are at baggage claim and your luggage doesn’t show up on the airline carousel, follow these easy tips to track your lost luggage.

  1. Once you’ve discovered that your luggage is lost, look for you airline’s baggage window or office to report it. Give the clerk your information, and don’t panic or fret. Your baggage might be delayed due to a jammed belt on the carousel, or it may be coming on the next flight.
  2. The clerk will call around to track your lost luggage. Describe your luggage to the clerk, or show them a picture if you have it. They will send a ramp agent or someone from baggage claim to go and look for it if it isn’t on another incoming flight. If the clerk tracks your lost luggage, and it shows that it was delivered to the carousel, then your luggage may have been stolen. If so, call the police immediately.
  3. The clerk will ask you to fill out a claim form. Provide them with your itinerary information, baggage description and picture if you have it. Be sure to give them your mobile or home number, and the clerk will give you a copy of the form.
  4. If the airline finds your bag, they will contact you to return it. If it is not found, the airline will ask you to list the contents in your lost luggage, and they will reimburse you. The reimbursement policies vary by airline.

In the future:

  • Put a color tag on your bag so that you can identify it easily, such as a bright colored ribbon, tape or colorful strings. That way you can easily spot your luggage on the carousel or in someone else’s hand. 
  • Take a picture of your luggage, to show the lost luggage clerk what to look for.
  • Tear off old tags on your luggage from previous trips, so that there is no mix up as to where your bags are going.
  • Get to baggage claim as soon as your flight lands, so you can be waiting at the carousel for your luggage when it arrives.
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