How To Track A Stolen IPod

Learning how to track a stolen iPod is as easy as following these simples steps. Getting your iPod stolen is never fun, but with improvements in technology and software, you can now track your iPod when it is gotten stolen. While the system which this article will show you here is not perfect, if used correctly you can potentially track your stolen iPod. This article will show you step by step instructions on how to track a stolen iPod, along with the pros and cons of this method.

  1. iPod touch is easier to track than other iPods. Why? Because iPod touch is usually used on the wireless network, which is the primary method to track a stolen iPod.
  2. Anti-theft software needs to be pre-installed on your iPod before it was stolen. Currently, that is the only method to track down stolen iPod. Software, such as GadgetTrak, needs to be installed on the iPod in order to track down the IP address of your iPod. GadgetTrak works kind of like a Lojack for iPod. It runs quietly in the system's root files. It takes very little space, and will not affect your iPod's proper functioning. When your iPod is stolen, the company will enable you to track down and record all IP address of the thief, provided that the iPod is connected to the internet.
  3. What can you do with the information? This is gray area of tracking stolen devices. The truth is that you cannot do that much with the information. You can only provide such info to the law enforcement authority hoping that they will recover your iPod for you.

Under no circumstances should you ever try to recover your stolen iPod yourself. It is not only dangerous but also illegal.

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