How To Train With An Ankle Sprain

Knowing how to train with an ankle sprain can help you stay in shape while you recover from your injury. You must still take it easy when you train with a sprained ankle so you do not make the injury worse. By using a little caution, you should still be able to workout, just not as hard as you normally do. Keep an eye on an ankle sprain while you are training and stop if the pain begins to increase.  

Things you'll need:

  • Ankle wrap
  • Ice pack
  1. Wrap your ankle before you workout. If you are a runner, it is difficult to train with an ankle sprain at anywhere near the same intensity your normal workouts have. Try riding a stationary bike instead of running so your ankle can heal properly.
  2. Swim when you have an ankle sprain. You can still work on your cardio if you swim instead of run. While you will have to kick in the water using your sore ankle, that is still better than the pounding it would take from running on a hard surface.
  3. Use ice after you train with an ankle sprain. See if your ankle has swollen any more after your training session and apply some ice to help with the swelling. You may want to take a couple of days off if you find the pain is unmanageable. Consult with your physician if the pain does not subside within a day after your workout.
  4. Do not be in a hurry to get back to full strength. Take your time and let an ankle sprain fully heal. If you are handling the pain, you can start to gradually push yourself harder during your training sessions. Check back with your doctor at your scheduled follow-up appointment and see if they will give you clearance to resume your normal training routine. Even after you have gotten the green light, take it slow until you are sure your ankle is 100 percent.
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