How To Train To Be An Ambidextrous Pitcher

It is not clear as to how feasible it is to train to be an ambidextrous pitcher.  Pat Venditte, currently the only ambidextrous pitcher in the major leagues, is said to have started training at the age of three.  Here are some tips if you would like to try to train to be an ambidextrous pitcher.

  1. Start throwing pitches with your weaker arm as soon as possible.  This is an obvious step in this process.  Not only must you begin throwing pitches with your other arm, you need to become comfortable with the pitching motion.  Take the process slowly and you may find some comfort after some time.
  2. Gauge the accuracy and speed of each arm.  The ability to throw ambidextrously needs to be determined, especially if the pitcher is not young.  Take some time to assess whether pitching in this manner is reasonable, to save time in trying something that is very difficult.
  3. Work with a coach or trainer.  A coach will be able to help you maintain proper mechanics and training schedules to perform this feat.  Take the chance to get some help in developing both pitching arms.  Your coach should give you some insights and tips on how to develop both arms.
  4. Stay persistent.  While not everyone should train to be an ambidextrous pitcher, if you make the choice then you need to stay consistent.  It will involve dedication, as becoming an ambidextrous will be a lengthy process.  With commitment you may be able to become comfortable with both pitching arms.
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