How To Train A Border Collie

Knowing how to train a Border Collie involves learning a few tricks and tips yourself. Border Collies are eager to please and are quick learners. Their herding instincts can work with you during training if you know how to use them. Border Collies are encouraged by tones of voice and your movements. 

  1. Begin training your border collie in basic commands such as sit, heel and come. Use small, special treats to encourage the dog.
  2. Use a high and quick voice to encourage your dog to move more quickly when walking, make your voice deeper and slow down your speech to encourage it to slow down.
  3. Walk towards the dog during "come" and "stay" to get it to back away a little bit. Walk backwards and squat to get it to come closer to you. These motions bring out your dog's herding instincts.
  4. Give a quick look of disappointment before quickly looking away to let the dog know you don't approve of its actions. Border Collies are very in tune with human emotion, and locking eyes with it is a good way to help it learn.
  5. Praise the dog when it's done what you ask. Give an affectionate pat along with a cheerful "good dog" or some other remark of praise.
  6. Growl a quick "NO!" or "Ah-ah" sound for bad behaviors such as picking up your shoes instead of a toy. Puppies will do this more than you like, so be prepared.
  7. Continue praising and "growling" at the dog throughout its life. Praising results in the dog knowing it's doing right by you and continuing to want to do it, even if the dog learned the command in question nine years ago. 

Border Collies are high-energy. You need to exercise them daily, and more than just a walk. Herding breeds are working breeds, and your dog will be best behaved when it has plenty of tasks to complete. Boredom creates a naughty dog, so keep it occupied. 

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