How to Train for Bouldering

There isn't much to do to learn how to train for bouldering. Bouldering is a sport all in its own and is a great way to get exercise. There are, however, a few things that can be done to help you train for bouldering.

  1. Read about bouldering. Get familiar with the sport through magazines, blogs and online articles. Anybody can just hop on a rock and climb it, but there is an art to true bouldering. It begins with understanding how to find routes just by looking at a rock face.
  2. Get a guide book. Mountaineering shops carry guide books for bouldering in local areas. When preparing to train for bouldering it is a good idea to use a guide book until becoming familiar with local climbing areas.
  3. Buy gear. Bouldering requires good climbing shoes, a crash pad and a chalk bag. The good thing about this sport is the lack of gear needed, so hiking to a bouldering spot isn't cumbersome no matter how far the trek may be.
  4. Work out regularly. Even though bouldering is a workout, it is always good to have another facet to a training program that includes cardio and strength training when not able to boulder regularly. Bouldering requires a lot of leg and arm muscles, so it is a good idea to keep those body parts strong.
  5. Climb with someone. It's always good to have a spotter when bouldering since the sport can reach unprecedented heights. A spotter can not only help catch a climber if he falls, but she can also help to direct the route from the ground.
  6. Enter a competition. After training for bouldering and getting to know the different aspects of the sport, the next thing to do is to start to enter bouldering competitions. Begin with an amateur competition and after continuing with training, work up to harder competitions.
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