How To Train A Coon Dog

You are about to purchase a coon dog and need to know how to train a coon dog. Coon dogs are trained to chase down and hunt raccoons. A well trained coon dog can track the trail of raccoon from a pretty far distance. A coon dog should be trained as a puppy starting at about five or six weeks. There must be a great relationship between the owner and its coon dog because it can take a good amount of patience to learn how to train a coon dog.

To train a coon dog you need:

  • dog treats
  • raccoon scent
  • live trap
  1. Teach your dog basic obedience commands. Basic commands such as sit, stay, and heel should be taught to your coon dog. Do not use a lot of force with your dog when training it, but make sure to be a little more forceful with your voice to communicate to your dog when it has done something wrong. Be sure to use positive reinforcement with dog treats, and petting.  
  2. Take your dog on long walks in a wooded area. Your dog needs to become comfortable with outdoor and the woods at a young age. Practice obedience training in the outside. Let your coon dog stray some distance to explore and get used to the outside environment.
  3. Teach your dog to follow a scent. Get your coon dog used to the sent of a raccoon and allow it to practice following trails outside. You can set the scent by making a path around your yard, and also make sure to put some in a tree. Your dog needs to learn how to look for raccoons in a tree. Make the course more challenging and a little bit longer every day. Make sure that you reward your dog and praise it when it has found the scent.
  4. Catch a raccoon by setting a trap. Place your dog in front of the trapped raccoon and allow your coon dog to investigate and get used to the raccoon and its' smell. If the dog does not seem interested in the raccoon, continue scent training and try again at a later time. When the coon dog is ready is should bark and get excited about the trapped raccoon.
  5. Take your dog on the first hunt with an experienced coon dog. This will allow your dog to learn techniques and actions from the experienced dog. Your do will be able to mimic and learn from what the other dog does This will give you dog more confidence from the other dog.   
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