How To Train A Gun Dog

Learning how to train a gun dog will take total dedication. Some dog breeds will perform best when it comes to hunting. You will first need to decide which dog breed you will want to train. Training a gun dog can be done, but a dog owner must be willing to take the time and dedicate themselves to training the dog. It could take a month, or a year to fully train a dog. There are many different animals a dog can hunt. You will need to decide which animal you want to teach the dog to hunt first. Some dog owners want their dog to be a multi-purpose hunting dog. They can hunt waterfowl, moose, dear, and wild boar.

To train a gun dog, you will need:

  • Start as a puppy
  • Choose a breed
  • Supplies
  • Bring the basics
  • Videos and books


  1. Start as a puppy. Probably one of the most important step to training a dog any kind of tricks, or obedience training, will require you to do it when they are a puppy. They need to understand who the alpha male is. When they know that you are in charge they will respect and listen to your commands. Starting young will also give them a better chance to learn what it means to be a gun dog.
  2. Choose a breed. Choose a dog breed carefully. Not every dog will make a good gun dog. If you take your hunting seriously think long and hard about what breed is best. Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, and English Foxhounds are just a couple of dog breeds that would make a great gun dog.
  3. Supplies. How to train a gun dog will be a lot easier if the dog owner uses props and supplies. If you want to train your gun dog to retrieve waterfowl then consider buying a decoy bird. These birds look, and feel like the real thing. You can also buy bird scent and inject the bird. This is an excellent way to train a gun dog to retrieve a bird.
  4. Bring the basics. When you’re training a gun dog, you will need to bring plenty of water, treats, and provide a place where they can get some shade. The dog will be working very hard and will need to have these necessities to give them the energy they need. Make sure to give a gun dog breaks to rest.
  5. Videos and books. There is a lot of useful information on how to train a gun dog. Check online for videos and books that are for sale. They give detailed instructions on how to train a gun dog properly. These materials are especially great if this is your first time training a gun dog.
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