How To Train Police Working Dogs

Do you want to learn how to train police working dogs? Training police working dogs involves a lot of expertise and patience. The following guide is just to provide you with a basic idea of how professionals train police working dogs, so do not attempt the training by yourself. 

  1. The right breed. Police working dogs are tasked with various missions, including illicit substance detection, patrol, tracking, and public order enforcement. The best breeds to deter potential attackers are German Shepherds and Rottweilers as these dogs are big in size and have an intimidating growl. Beagles and labradors, on the other hand, are usually trained to detect narcotics. 
  2. Obedience training. To train police working dogs to obey all commands, basic training is imperative. They will need to defy their instincts of curiosity and aggression and obey their handlers at all time. It is important for the handlers to develop a bond with the canines when they train police working dogs. Since a lot of police working dogs are imported from Europe, their handlers will give commands in their native language. For example, a German Shepherd will respond only to German commands.
  3. Endurance and agility training. A great deal of effort is dedicated to train police working dogs so they are all at their best shape. The dogs will have to pass several endurance physical tests and obstacle tests. 
  4. Specialty training. After passing all the basic training, the police working dogs will then go through specialty training. For example, they may train to attack or sniff out drugs. It is a common myth that police dogs are able to locate narcotics because they themselves are addicts. The truth is that the handler trains police working dogs by associating their favorite toys with the drugs. The training begins with a war of tug. The trainer then proceeds to place different kinds of drug in the toy and have the dog look for it. 

Tip: To build the bond between the handler and the dog, the two of them stay and live together 24 hours a day. 

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