How To Train A Rottweiler

Rottweilers are work dogs which are extremely intelligent and loyal, and thus, if you know how to train a Rottweiler with proper methods, you will find yourself enjoying both the company and protection your Rottweiler provides.  If left untrained, Rottweilers can become aggressive and destructive.  Training should begin early, but if you own an adult Rottweiler, you should still begin the training as soon as possible.

Things you need to train a Rottweiler:

  • Chew toys
  • Chain leash
  • Walkie-talkie dog collar
  • Treats
  • Clicker
  1. Stopping excessive barking.  Rottweilers are often used as guard dogs because of their alert nature.  As such, your Rottweiler may have a barking problem that disturbs your neighbors.  Understand that it is normal for dogs to bark, but if your dog bark at almost anything, it is excessive and needs to be stopped.  Whenever your Rottweiler begins barking uncontrollably, distract it by holding a treat in your hand.  Use the clicker to draw your dog's attention.  Once it calms down, give it the treat.  This technique will train a Rottweiler to respond positively to the sound of the clicker and refocus on its owner. 
  2. Stopping destructive biting behaviors. A lot of Rottweilers chew on furniture and will often destroy household objects when the owner is not at home.  If your Rottweiler is still a puppy, there is no way you can prevent these behaviors as it is at the teething stage.  Puppy-proof your home by pulling up the curtain and putting away valuable items.  To train a Rottweiler not to chew when it is an adult is however easier.  Most of the time, Rottweilers destroy household objects out of boredom.  Make sure your dog has plenty of chew toys when you are not at home.  Another training method is to put a walkie-talkie collar on your dog and observe it from afar.  Once it engages in destructive activities, firmly say "no" into the walkie-talkie.  The dog will then think that it is being watched even though it cannot see its owner.  You can purchase this kind of collar online or at a pet shop. 
  3. Stopping aggressive behaviors.  A lot of Rottweilers have experienced abuse before, and they then become aggressive towards strangers.  To train a Rottweiler to become a friendly dog, you will need to teach your family and friends how to approach the dog correctly. First, the people must be relaxed; otherwise, the Rottweiler will pick up on the tension and nervous energy and becomes anxious itself.  Do not have direct eye-contact with the Rottweiler and approach it side-way.  The person should slowly lower himself down and allow the Rottweiler to smell him.  Gently give the Rottweiler a treat to gain its trust without petting it.  You should repeat the above process with as many people as possible if you want to train a Rottweiler to stop being scared by people. 
  4. Stopping uncontrollable behaviors on walks.  Rottweilers are energetic and need plenty of exercise.  If your Rottweiler will not heel and try to drag you even when it is choking itself, you will need to bring your clicker and treats on walks.  Whenever the dog starts pulling on the leash, lead it away and walk towards another direction until it calms down.  If the Rottweiler becomes over-excited by objects or other dogs on the street, block its sight by standing in front of it.  Click the clicker and hand it a treat to distract the dog from the stimulant. Use a chain leash if you want to train a Rottweiler to stop biting the leash.

Warning: DO NOT use a shock collar as it is ineffective in stopping excessive barking; it will also harm you Rottweiler emotionally and physically. Train a Rottweiler with patience, not by inflicting physical pain.

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