How To Train For A Summer Biathlon

Learning how to train for a summer biathlon boils down to two events, running and shooting. In some competitions, biking may be substituted for running. The event requires the competitor to be mentally strong, have stamina, and possess the ability to shoot accurately. Here is how to train for the summer biathlon.

  1. Train mentally and physically for the event. The summer biathlon requires its competitors to run either a 5 or 10 km run with two shooting stops in the middle. Normally, courses are designed for the level of competition, which can vary depending on the organization in charge.  It is important to know the distance of the run so the competitor can train correctly for the event. Training for running requires several elements including long runs, interval training, flexibility, as well as proper nutrition. Many websites and publications have training styles and programs, find one such as Runners World that has a wealth of knowledge from experienced writers.
  2. Shooting practice is just as pivotal. Depending on the competitor’s experience level, they will fire the rifle at either 25 or 50 meters. It is important for the competitor to practice as much as they can at their distance. Having a shooting coach or someone with experience can provide another perspective. The more the competitor is able to practice, the more prepared they should be come competition time.
  3. The summer biathlon is about being mentally tough. In order to endure and persevere through this challenging event, it’s important the competitors are able to run the course well as well as have enough energy and focus to shoot. The better trained and the more practice time the competitor has, the more likely they are to succeed come the big day.
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