How To Train Using Rubber Olympic Weights

Learning how to train with rubber Olympic weights is not that much different than training with normal weights.  Cast iron plates are more fragile than rubber Olympic weights.  Take the following considerations into account to learn how to train using rubber Olympic weights.

  1. Protect your training environment.  Rubber Olympic weights are great alternatives to cast iron plates.  Whereas the latter may pose danger to you when stacking multiple plates onto each other, this is not true for rubber Olympic weights.  Also, the rubber Olympic weights will be less likely to damage the floor than the obvious dangers with cast iron plates.  At any rate, protect the floor and the training environment, as even rubber Olympic weights can be dangerous, albeit less than cast iron plates.
  2. Make sure you have appropriate equipment.  You will obviously need Olympic equipment to go along with your rubber Olympic weights.  This means buying Olympic-sized barbells and other equipment.  Make sure you have additional safety equipment, such as clamps, to go on the end of the rubber Olympic weights. This will keep the weights from moving off of the bar.
  3. Train like you would with normal weights.  You can train with rubber Olympic weights as you would with cast iron plates.  While rubber Olympic weights add additional protection as previously outlined, you can train as you normally would.  Your rubber Olympic weights will last a great deal of time and you can train with this valuable equipment for years to come in your home.
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