How To Train Your Cat To Do Tricks

If you want to increase the bond you feel with your furry companion, you'll definitely want to learn how to train a cat to do tricks. Teaching your feline friend commands like "sit," "follow," and "roll over" will both make the two of you closer while increasing your cat's intellectual curiosity. Show everyone that cats deserve the title of Man's Best Friends by learning how to train a cat to do tricks.

To learn how to train a cat to do tricks, you're going to need:

  • Cat treats
  • Cat toys
  • String

How to train your cat how to sit:

  1. Be sure to have your cat's fullest attention. Cats are, by nature, curious creatures and get distracted very easily. Clear the room of anything that will divert your cat's focus.
  2. Hold a cat treat in your hand, just slightly out of reach of its mouth. This will cause the cat to look at your hand, expecting the treat.
  3. Move your hand towards the cat's back. Your feline's gaze will follow the path of the treat and it will come up on its legs, hoping to have a better reach for it. At this point, you want to give it the treat, saying, "Good sit," and other such verbal encouragement. Letting your cat know that you're proud of even the simplest tasks is one of the most important parts of learning how to train a cat to do tricks.

How to teach your cat how to roll over:

  1. Start scratching your cat on its stomach. By instinct, your cat will enjoy this feeling so much that it will roll over on its back. While doing this, say your cat's name while saying, "roll over."
  2. Repeat the process, this time pretending to scratch its stomach. Hover your hand over your furry friend's stomach, making all the motions of scratching its favorite spot without actually doing it. Again, be sure to say the cat's name followed by the command, "roll over."
  3. Reward your cat when it preforms the command correctly. Of course, you want to give your cat a treat for the sake of positive reinforcement. Like any other aspect of learning how to train a cat to do tricks, this part requires repetition and, most importantly, a great deal of patience.

How to teach your cat to come:

  1. Tie cat toys to your ankles. You will want to carry treats with you in your pockets. This will also be the ideal time to get your cat's attention.
  2. Walk around, making sure that your cat is paying attention to the toys on your feet. If your feline friend is prone to pouncing, you might want to wear socks for this portion. There's no point to getting your feet cut up for the sake of training a cat how to do tricks.
  3. Say the cat's name along with the command, "follow," all while giving your companion treats every four to six feet. This is one of the harder tricks to teach a cat, so be patient and never lose your temper if your cat is being particularly unresponsive. 

By knowing how to train a cat to do tricks, you'll become closer to your feline companion while showing your friends that cats can do more than just eat and sleep. Make your cat more alert and more loving towards you by showing it how to perform simple commands—you'll be surprised how much closer the two of you will be afterwards.

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