How To Train Your Dog To Hunt Fox

It's very easy to learn how to train your dog to hunt fox because dogs have been used in hunting for many centuries. Because dogs are carnivores, they are suited to help humans hunt fox. To train your dog to hunt fox, you will need patience and time to train your dog so your dog can adequately learn the commands you want him to learn. Before you train your dog to hunt fox, your dog will need to learn the basic commands. 

To train your dog to hunt fox, you will need:

  • Dog treats
  • Dog toys
  • Fox pelt
  1. Teaching your dog the basic commands. Prior to training your dog to hunt, your dog will need to know basic commands such as sit, stay and come. A dog must know when its master wants it to stay, come or sit because a dog that is running ramped or disobeying his master will lead to the dog altering the fox or bothering other hunters.
  2. Teaching your dog to fetch is vital. Fetching will teach the dog to return the fox to you on your command. You will want to set a dog toy away from you and your dog. Instruct your dog to "fetch" the dog toy by saying, "Fetch." If your dog is having trouble learning how to fetch, you can bring the dog over to the toy and place the toy into his mouth while saying, "Fetch." Once the word “fetch” has been mastered, you will want to reward your dog with a treat.
  3. Teaching your dog the scent of fox. By using a fox’s pelt, you are teaching your dog the scent of the fox. A dog has a very keen sense of smell. To teach your dog the scent, hide the fox’s pelt and ask your dog to fetch it. If your dog is unable to locate the pelt, try placing the pelt within the dog’s view but slightly hidden. Repeat the word “fetch.” As your dog becomes aware of what you are demanding, hide the pelt better. When your dog masters fetching the pelt, reward with treats.



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