How To Train Your Voice

You can learn how to train your voice without the cost of hiring a professional. While professional voice coaches are very helpful when training your voice, they are also very expensive. With dedication and self motivation, you can learn how to train your voice on your own. With just a few steps, you can learn how to train your voice on your own while saving a few pennies in the process.

  1. Evaluate your voice and your situation. To evaluate your voice, first you need to record yourself singing. By recording yourself, you will be able to determine which areas of your voice need improvement. After you have evaluated your voice set goals for yourself, which you will be striving to meet. Set couple short term goals and an overall long term goal to give you an area to focus on while you are training your voice.
  2. Learn the proper methods to use when singing, such as the proper breathing techniques and the proper stance. To breath properly while singing, you need to take big, deep breaths. If you don’t do this, you will sound nasally and you can strain your vocal cords. You must also use your correct stance while singing. You should always have your feet shoulder length apart. Always keep your head and neck aligned.
  3. Learn the proper singing methods. To train your voice you will need to practice daily. Make sure you warm your voice up properly first. Everyday begin your practice sessions with the notes you are comfortable with and then every day try to sing a higher note. Scales will help you with this. Also, you must practice singing from your belly and not your lungs.

Every few weeks, it is important to evaluate your progress. Record yourself singing again and compare it to your first recording. This will show you areas you have improved on and areas you need to continue working on.

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