How To Transfer 8mm Film To DVD

If you want to preserve that precious memory on your 8mm film, then you need to know how to transfer 8mm film to DVD. 8mm film was just as popular back in the day as DVD is now. A lot of special family events and personal memories were filmed on 8mm film. Unfortunately, unlike digital copies, 8mm film will crack and crumble over time. Therefore, the best way to protect your memory is by transferring your 8mm film to DVD. There are many ways to transfer 8mm film to DVD, but the following is the easiest and cheapest way to get the job done.

To transfer 8mm film to DVD, you will need:

  • Digital camcorder
  • Screen
  • 8mm film projector
  1. If you have an 8mm film projector, then move to the next step. If not, you will need one. You can easily get a cheap used one on eBay. Make sure it is in working condition.
  2. Put your 8mm film onto the projector. Connect the audio line from the projector to the camcorder. Almost all of the camcorders and projectors come with this feature. Although you might need different size of connectors in order to complete this task. Look for the audio headphone jack on both devices, and then connect them together.
  3. Project 8mm film onto a white screen. You will need a room that is sufficiently dark in order to transfer 8mm. Project the film onto the screen, then start the camcorder. You might have to adjust the camcorder several times in order to obtain the optimal position, that’s ok.
  4. Once finished, and then connect your camcorder to the computer. This is the last step in transferring 8mm film to DVD. You will need a transferring cable to connect the camcorder to the computer. For Windows, you can use Windows Movie Maker. For Mac, you can use iMovie to make the DVD.
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