How To Transfer To A Film School

If you’re considering how to transfer to a film school, it’s imperative to first assess your lifestyle in relation to such a move. For example, you should know from the start:

  • Where you want to go
  • Your goals in general.
  • Your current educational institution’s participation.
  1. Is it USC or “You? We’ll see.”  Acceptance is a key element when transferring from any educational facility to another. In other words, the more prestigious of schools only accept certain applicants after assessing grades, intent, etc. (so keep this in mind before dumping your current educators for a more prestigious institution). 
  2. Some institutions require no transfer process. Many film schools operate as trade educating institutions and often require nothing in the way of transfer particulars from an existent college or university. But before enrolling in one of these you should first research the institution to make sure they are fully accredited and reputable.
  3. Realize the economics. If you’re independently wealthy you can obviously afford most any education you desire. But if you’re currently attending an institution via state aid, scholarships or money from Mom and Dad it’s important to realize that transferring to many film schools (case in point: The Actors Studio) could prove to be obscenely expensive and require relocation to attend. 
  4. Know what you want. If you just want to earn a degree by watching movies, “Fuhgetaboutit!” Reputable film schools enroll only those who are serious about this particular art form and desire an education in order to further their own artistic goals. 
  5. Get ready to spend some time. Any educational institution worth its salt has the best interest of its students at heart, and employs a staff of advisors to make sure these students achieve their educational goals. So don’t be afraid to knock on doors, call applicable phone numbers and fill out lots of paperwork as you prepare to transfer to a film school.
  6. Be prepared for disappointment. Often the credits you’ve earned don’t fully translate when transferring to another school, so this should be a scenario considered when you transfer to a film school. But on the bright side, many earned credits sometimes equate to more than their original worth when moving to a different school.

Otherwise, when planning to transfer to a film school it should be realized that your life goals are of primary importance…though it might require wading through a lot of rhetoric and bureaucracy. But such obstacles can be overcome if want to succeed badly enough.    

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