How To Transfer iTunes Playlist To Serato

Need to know how to transfer iTunes playlists to Serato? Many DJs like to work with Serato, but like to make playlists in iTunes. Maybe you've got an awesome iTunes playlist that you made for working out, but decide it would go well at your next gig. Or you've been working with iTunes and just upgraded to Serato. No matter the reason, it's simple to get your iTunes playlists into Serato so you can use them at your next DJ gig or party. Transferring a playlist from iTunes into Serato can be done with just a few mouse clicks. You'll create a crate for that playlist, which you can also put into your overall Serato organizational structure.

  1. Create your playlist in iTunes.
  2. In Serato, click "Read iTunes Library" under the setup tab.
  3. Then click "Read iTunes Playlists." This will copy your playlists into Serato.
  4. Organize your playlists into crates and subcrates based on your overall organizational scheme in Serato.
  5. Press play!

The tagging feature in iTunes will also allow you to create "smart playlists" by genre in Serato. For instance, all songs tagged by genre become a smart playlist. To set up a smart playlist follow these simple steps.

  1. In Serato, click "Read iTunes Library" under the setup tab.
  2. Go to File, New Smart Playlist. You will get a dialogue box.
  3. Click "Match the Following Rule."
  4. Choose "Genre" and then type the name of your genre. Serato will then populate the smart playlist with tracks that match the genre specified.
  5. Press play!

Since iTunes and Serato interface easily, all your music is now at your fingertips, organized and ready to be played.

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