How To Transport A Plasma TV

It’s important to know how to transport a plasma TV properly. If you own a new plasma TV, it was probably a fairly large investment for you and the last thing you want to do is break it when you move. Plasma TV’s have special requirements when you move them to make sure they’re not damaged.

To transport a plasma TV, you will need:

  • The original shipping container or wrapping and crating materials
  • Transport vehicle
  • Shipping pads or heavy blankets
  • Ropes or bungee cords
  1. Remove the plasma TV from the wall or the TV stand. Disconnect all wires and pack them separately. Make sure you keep the TV vertical at all times.
  2. Pack the plasma TV. Place the TV back in the original shipping container using all of the padding materials. If the original container is not available, pad the TV very well making sure to protect the fragile glass screen. Pack the TV in a new crate.  Make sure you keep the TV vertical through this process.
  3. Move the TV to the transport vehicle. Two people should lift and carry the TV because of the size and weight. Make sure that you don’t tip the plasma TV over.
  4. Secure the TV in the transport vehicle. Secure the TV with rope or bungee cords making sure it will not move. Pad the TV with shipping pads or heavy blankets. Do not pack anything else with the plasma TV that may fall against it. Keep the TV upright.
  5. Transport the Plasma TV. Drive carefully to your destination. Avoid bumps and obstructions that might jar the TV.
  6. Move the TV to its new location. Remove the padding and rope. Again, two people should carefully lift the TV from the transport vehicle and move it to its new location.
  7. Unpack the TV. Carefully unpack the TV and remove all padding materials. Check for any damages before mounting the TV. Remember to keep the plasma TV upright at all times.
  8. Mount the TV on the wall or place in the TV stand. Reconnect all wires.
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