How To Trap A Cat

Figuring out how to trap a cat is very easy and safe if you do it right. Most cats that are trapped are feral or strays. Strays should be brought to the Humane Society to see if they are able to get along with people and other animals. As well as to see if they have any diseases.

Materials Needed:

  • Live animal trap
  • Blanket or towel
  • Pop-top cat food cans
  1. If you don’t have one already, you will need a live animal trap. These can be bought at most hardware stores or hunting shops. Read the instructions carefully as you set up the trap. You don’t want to alarm or hurt the cat in anyway. Once you have the trap together move it to a spot where you have seen the cat walking around. A good start is by a fence, house or tree.
  2. Use a dark blanket or towel and drape it over the live trap. This will protect if from environmental factors, other animals and will keep the cat calm. The blanket or towel will also be used for when transporting the animal so it doesn’t get startled.
  3. Once you have the trap in the place you want you will need some bait. A good bait is a wet cat food or some canned tuna fish. Place it at the far end of the trap. This is the best place for the bait. It will allow the cat to walk into the back of the trap giving it plenty of time to close without hurting the cat or allowing it to shut prematurely. You may have to leave the trap out for a day or two before you get anything.
  4. Once the cat is trapped leave the towel around the trap. It is easier to transport the cat this way. It will also keep you from getting scratched if the cat gets aggressive. If you’re transporting the cat to a vet or even a humane society it should be placed securely in the back of a truck. But if you do not have a truck put something down on your seats so it wont get ruined if the cat urinates or gets aggravated. Upon your arrival a veteran assistant should come out and remove the animal from the car if you‘re not comfortable with doing it yourself.

Trapping a cat is pretty simple. But always be cautious about approaching a trap if you’re not sure what’s in it. Bait like tuna can attract other animals like skunks or raccoons. If you have a feeling that a cat isn’t inside the trap call the wildlife department for your state.

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