How To Travel America

Need to know how to travel America? Maybe you're ready to hit the open road and are wondering how to travel and experience America in the best possible way. Follow these travel tips and your trip can be as memorable as Jack Kerouac's.

  1. Travel by car from coast to coast. There's no denying that the easiest way to travel America is by car, since public transportation can be expensive or impossible to find. Travel from the East Coast to the West Coast to emulate America's founding pioneers.
  2. Use the National Highway System. If you've got someplace to go in a hurry, the Interstate Highway System is fast, efficient and safe. Trouble is, it's also thoroughly boring. Get off the interstate and use the older National Highway System. National highways take you through some of the nation's most scenic rural areas, and you'll travel straight through the center of small-town America.
  3. Stop at key highlights. Determine ahead of time which key attractions you'd like to see, and draw up a route that takes you through them. Some popular destinations include Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, Mount Rushmore National Memorial near Keystone, South Dakota, and Grand Canyon National Park near Williams, Arizona.
  4. Take advantage of national and state parks. If you're the outdoorsy type, use your trip across America to take advantage of the country's National Forest System. The US Forest Service looks after 193 million acres of forests and grasslands, which are open to public use. For those who'd like a little more comfort, state and national parks offer affordable camping with perks like hot showers and play areas for children.


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