How To Travel To Europe With No Money

Need to know how to travel to Europe with no money? The answer is being willing to make a contribution of some sort. Long before the world operated in dollars and cents, people traded for services. The barter system is still fun and as negotiable as cash. European travel is adventurous; train travel is state of the art in Europe and the people are wonderful. Check out these tips if you find yourself wanting to travel to Europe without spending much money.

  1. Volunteer. Tour and give tours in exchange for sight-seeing adventures. There are places that are free of charge, but for special outings, exchange a few skills.
  2. Perform on the street. Set your violin case up and start singing or playing a musical instrument; juggle, dance, it doesn’t matter, just get out there.
  3. Take pictures. While traveling there will be great photo opportunities. Many of these photos can be sold to individuals and publications. The camera can be a standard camera or a cell phone; it makes no difference. Start getting those shots.
  4. Work for food. This is a sign seen too often, but it works. Exchange teaching a language, taking care of a garden, cleaning a pool or cooking a meal in exchange for room, board or whatever.
  5. Draw. People love caricatures of themselves and hand sketches of travel spots. Sketch these and sell them. This is a great ticket to far away places; make sure to sign the sketch.
  6. Wait tables. Many of the most famous people in the world have waited tables. Working in a restaurant or café is a fantastic way to earn money and to keep eating while traveling. Learn from the locals where to live and what to see while there.
  7. Sleep on a friend's couch. Take a pack tent just in case things get really tight, but try to negotiate sleeping on someone’s couch. There are whole websites dedicated to this option.
  8. House sit. Take care of a home while taking in the sights of a travel destination. Go to the markets and the restaurants and earn money while getting to live as a native. Some homes will rival a four-star hotel.
  9. Ride a bicycle. Travel by bike to get around from place to place on the local scene. In some places around Europe bikes are around for public use. Hitch hiking is commonly used in Europe, but safety is always a concern with this mode of transportation.
  10. Travel by ship. Get a job working on a ship to eat and see the ports of call. This is another way to see Europe from a different point of view.

Traveling to Europe with no money is something that can be done with thought and planning. Decide on the route of travel and a list of things to see in the area and research the availability of non-expenditure options; there are many.

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