How To Travel Europe With Your Girlfriend

As an excited traveler, you might not think that learning how to travel Europe with your girlfriend will be that difficult. It doesn't have to be, but those who go in unprepared might find a nasty shock. Traveling with a girlfriend can put your relationship to the test. Suddenly, differences of hobbies and habits seem much more obvious, and little fights can break out about nothing. Before you travel Europe with your girlfriend, you will need to adjust your expectations and make small preparations. 

  1. Discuss your itinerary before you leave. Even if you are a spontaneous kind of guy, schedule at least one talk with your girlfriend to explore what each of you expect for the trip before you leave. You might find that while you are looking forward to bar hopping and European beaches, your girlfriend was planning on a thorough tour or museums, graveyards and churches. If your tastes differ, now is the time brainstorm some compromises. Don't wait until you are already in your hotel room
  2. Learn the languages together. Don't rely on just one person out of the couple to use their language skills when you travel Europe. This will often make the less fluent partner feel left out or slow. Anticipate the coming weeks and months before your trip by brushing up on French, German or Italian as a duo.
  3. Purchase neck pillows for the plane. The idea of sleeping on each other's shoulders might be seem romantic, but transatlantic plane rides will wear out that idealism within the first hour. Every time you move, your girlfriend will wake up, and vice versa. Neck pillows might not seem romantic, but you will be well rested for your first day to travel Europe with your girlfriend.
  4. Give each other some space. When you travel Europe, you will typically stay longer than your average vacation. If you aren't used to being around each other day in and day out, you might need to allow a little alone time. Talk about this before you leave so that no one gets offended. You can plan to take a walk while she takes an afternoon nap, or you can get up early to grab a morning coffee and bring her back breakfast in bed.
  5. Meet some locals. If you travel Europe with your girlfriend and only spend time with each other, you will miss out on one the best cultural experiences Europe can offer: meeting the locals. Try not to turn your vacation into just a romantic trip for two. Talk with people on public transit. Go out at night to different bars and clubs. If someone looks friendly, ask them to join you for dinner and accept recommendations on where to go.
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