How To Travel Internationally With Suits

Anyone can travel internationally with suits, if you don't mind looking like you slept in your suit, but how to travel internationally with suits involves careful preparation, packing and selection of a suitcase designed specifically for business travel. You'd like to simply avoid suit dressing after a long international flight, but sometimes that simply is not an option. Business suits show you're there to take no prisoners. Why bother wearing a suit that looks like you've slept in it, or arriving in time to send out all of your suits for something you hope will be a close approximation of the look before you put them in the suitcase. 

You'll need a few things to travel internationally with suits, including:

  • suitcase
  • tissue paper
  • steamer


  1. Make a packing list. Look over your schedule and figure out the exact amount of clothing, including suits, you'll need for your international travel. Don't over pack by adding a few extra items. Unless you plan to take unlimited suitcases or large trunks, check your schedule and determine if you can make do with less clothing. Note the accessories that also need TLC packing. This list will help you pick out the number and kind of suitcases you need.
  2. Evaluate your suitcase choices. Pack at least one dark and one versatility suit that might include a power stripe or seasonal fabric. Look over your packing list to determine the type of suitcase you need. Official suit carriers have special straps and dividers to keep other items in the suitcase or bag from crushing your suit. If you don't own one of these suitcases, and you travel internationally regularly, you might want to purchase one of these specialized suitcases. If you know someone who has a suitcase like this and they don't happen to be traveling internationally with suits over your travel time, hit them up for a loan of the suitcase. Try it and if you like it, you can buy one when you return from your travel. 
  3. Put out your gear. Put out everything you plan to put into the suitcase. This is the key to how to travel internationally with suits. When you pack on the fly, planning is difficult to do and your business suits end up showing the lack of planning. Put your suits in one area, delicate items in another area and then all other related business dressing in a separate section. Add your casual clothing to another stack. 
  4. Make a plan. if you have more than one suitcase, designate one suitcase exclusively for suits. Stack your other essential items for the trip in one area. 
  5. Use the suit packing "equipment." Fold the suit pants flat on the bottom of the suitcase. If the suitcase has a pant hangar, use it. Put the suit jackets on hangars supplied with the suitcase or thin hangars that fit over the suitcase hook. Put your steamer in a protected outside pocket to use when you get to your international location. 
  6. Tissue things. If your suitcase doesn't have a hangar system, carefully fold your jackets to avoid wrinkles. Do this by folding the sleeves back toward the back of the jacket. Crumble some tissue to place between the sleeves and the jacket back. Add more crumbled tissue between a fold between the bottom of the jacket as you fold it up toward the back. Crumble more tissues between each suit and around the edge of the suitcase to avoid wrinkles that happen in international travel.  

Tips : Don't over pack the suitcase or your suits will look like you bought them at a yard sale. 

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