How To Travel In A Suit

Knowing how to travel in a suit will help you stay comfortable and well-dressed during your travels. If you're travelling in a suit, you likely have an important meeting immediately proceeding your travels. Therefore, you should consider this guide to keep your outfit's fabric crisp and new.

  1. Keep Still: You will want to keep still without sleeping in awkward positions while travelling. If you are the passenger, consider bringing several pillows to keep yourself comfortable with minimal movement. It may also be prudent to use the bathroom before leaving to avoid an additional movement from your seat.
  2. Bring an extra coat: Changing out of pants may take time, but changing out of jackets is a quick process. Consider wearing a different sweater or coat while commuting to keep your suit jacket in pristine condition. This will help keep you warm and your suit in better condition while you travel.
  3. Choose Your Suit Wisely: You may not want to wear your lucky suit on this trip. Instead, go for your suit that has wrinkle-free fabric so that you arrive in the best appearance. Wrinkle-free suits are increasingly popular, giving you many options at to still look sharp in this specialty fabric.
  4. Febreze: If you have a long trip ahead of you with no time to wash your clothes, Febreze may be the best way to freshen up your clothes. Antibacterial Febreze is particularly great to help remove many of the germs and bacteria. Otherwise, you can do things the European way and use cologne to give yourself a great scent.
  5. Air conditioning: Make sure you don't find yourself overheating and sweating on your garment. If air-conditioning is an option, be sure to take advantage and keep yourself cool during travels. You should also make sure this is not one of those days that you neglect deoderant.