How to Travel With a Suit

To travel with a suit can pose a challenge for even the most OCD of men. Assuming you'd like to wear it when you arrive at your destination and not look like you stole it from some homeless dude (even if that homeless dude was in Beverly Hills and you have therefore procured yourself an Armani), follow these quick and painless tips on how to travel with a suit:

The Shirt: Tissue Paper Is Your Friend I don't mean tissues, and I don't mean printer paper, but tissue paper that either comes with gifts or from the store (just ask the nice lady behind the counter for some extra). Tissue paper will ease your stress about having to travel with a suit. Laying your dress shirt out on your bed and placing 3-5 sheets of tissue paper between any folds you are making will soften the pressing of these folds into the fabric.

The Trousers: Roll, Baby, Roll To travel with a suit successfully, you need to master the art of rolling. This will work just as well with your lady's dress, too. In fact, you can use a dress just as easily as using tissue paper. Lay the clothes on top of each other, being careful to make sure the trousers are already folded the way you like them. Now roll them from the waist downwards. Now slot them in your suitcase.

The Jacket: Preserving That Money-Shot Look Lay your piece de resistance flat on its back, button up those buttons, so you reduce any slipping around in your suitcase, and fold the arms over each other at the front. If you're suitcase is big enough, my best advice to you is to actually lay the jacket as is over the top of the rest of your clothes. Place all the tissue paper you can fit on top of it, then strap it down with your suitcase's inside straps to hold it in place. Making sure your jacket is folded and packed perfectly is the most important part of travelling with a suit.

The Rest: Carry A Winning Smile… The garment bag is the most helpful item you can find when figuring out how to travel with a suit. If you end up traveling with a garment bag that has a hanging attachment, you can flash your sexy smile to a flight attendant and ask politely if they wouldn't mind hanging it. Otherwise, but not necessarily instead of, sport that grin when you put that suit on. A happy guy is a good-looking guy, and a good smile looks better than an overpriced suit anyway.

If all else fails, the popular Hot Shower Rule still applies to all those who need to travel with a suit: when you arrive, hang the suit up in the bathroom, run a steaming hot shower and wait 20 minutes for the steam to iron the wrinkles out on their own. But if you're traveling anywhere on the Continental United States and have a day to spare, why not save yourself the trouble and have your sister take it to the dry cleaners for you?

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