How To Treat Ankle Joint Pain

Your ankle is one of the strongest joints in your body, so when it becomes injured, you want to learn how to treat ankle joint pain fast. The drawback to the enormous strength of the ankle it is sometimes prone to injuries. Generally, ankle joint pain occurs because of sprains although any damage to the bone, ligament or tendon may cause you to have pain. At the onset of the ankle joint pain, you may treat ankle joint pain with home remedies.  

Things you'll need:

  • Ice pack or frozen vegetable bags
  • Towel or cloth
  • Compression bandage
  • Painkillers
  1. Rest if you have ankle joint pain. If you experience any ankle joint pain, rest is the most important treatment. You may experience further injuries and minimal healing if you do not rest your ankle.
  2. Elevate your ankle. Elevation is necessary to reduce swelling and keeping weight off the affected area. Pain due to injuries requires elevation within the first 48 hours of joint ankle pain.
  3. Ice the injury. Ice your ankle joint when the injury has swelled; do this with a commercial ice pack. If you do not have an ice pack at home, use homemade ice objects to treat the injury. Some common household objects are frozen vegetable packs or crushed ice and placed in a plastic bag. The icing helps reduce the swelling and the accompanying pain by numbing the ankle. Do not apply the ice directly to the skin; add a piece of cloth as a buffer between the skin and the ice pack. If you notice numbness on the skin, remove the ice.
  4. Buy over-the-counter medication to treat ankle joint pain. Choices of treatment include acetaminophen, which is not effective in reducing inflammation. To obtain pain relief as well as swelling reduction, you should take instead anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin. These types of treatment are only for temporary use. They have a propensity to increase blood pressure and cause upset stomachs in some patients. Therefore, monitor your blood pressure if you have high blood pressure or contact your physician for other methods to treat ankle joint pain.
  5. Apply a compression bandage to the ankle. Compression bandages help relieve pain, swelling and keep the ankle in one position and are a valuable method to treat ankle joint pain. Do not wrap the ankle area to tight because it will cut the blood supply off and create additional problems.

Normally, you can treat ankle joint pain without any problems at home. However, if the pain continues for weeks, it is advisable to seek medical attention since this might be a sign of something more severe. You do not want to deal with severe ankle problems if it is avoidable. 

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