How To Treat Bed Sores

Need to know how to treat bed sores? Bed sores can be a painful and embarrassing problem to have. Bed sores are basically considered blisters or ulcers that can occur when someone is forced to sit or lay in one position for an extended period of time. This is usually the case when a person lacks mobility, as is the case with a paraplegic or the elderly. While this condition is caused by simply not moving, the complications which can arise if untreated can be deadly. Often, dangerous infections can occur within the wounds. Fortunately, bed sores can be treated to prevent these serious complications.

To treat bed sores you will need:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Gauze
  • Disinfectant
  • Bandages
  • Doctor's appointment
  1. Clean, Cover and Move. One of the most simple methods for those who need to know how to treat bed sores is to clean the infected sore and cover with gauze, bandages or some other covering. This method is called “dressing.” The actual gauze or dressing must be changed often to prevent further infection. Bedding, sheets, chairs and all surfaces that come into contact with skin must be cleaned. If this step is skipped, reinfection could occur. One of the most simple and common sense treatments when someone has a bed sore is to simply turn the person over on a different side. If pressure continues on the bed sore it will continue to become more serious. Often in the case of immobile individuals, turning them on a different side can be an extremely effective treatment for bed sores.
  2. Medication. For more serious bed sores, the best method in determining how to treat bed sores is to consider medication. Antibiotics are commonly used to treat the infection that grows in a bed sore. Generally, this method is combined with the clean, cover and move method to ensure optimal healing.
  3. Surgery. When discussing how to treat bed sores, often the most serious sores require surgical intervention. Generally, this is only used when bed sores have become so serious that the skin cannot repair itself. It is at that point that the tissue must be surgically removed and treated to prevent serious complications. It is important during this phase to remember to keep the affected area clean and avoid extended pressure.

The best way to treat bed sores is to prevent them. If prevention is impossible, early treatment is best. Dietary changes may improve healing and skin rejuvenation. Cleaning skin, bedding and chairs often is also an excellent way to prevent bed sores. The best tip for those who endeavor to learn how to treat bed sores is to prevent them altogether.

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