How To Treat A Canine Heart Murmur

Does your new pet have a heart condition and you to know how to treat a canine heart murmur? Heart murmurs in animals do not have health consequences. Learning to treat a heart murmur in a canine is key to ensuring that your pet lives a long healthy life for years to come. Many pets born with heart murmurs never develop heart problems. However, for many if not taken care of properly they can develop heart health issues over time. Heart murmurs in canines develop from birth defects, heart valve disease and anemia. Read on to find out how to treat a canine heart murmur.

  1. Don't treat puppies right away. Puppies born with heart murmurs don't need treatment yet. However if they show signs of other health issues then the murmur will need to be addressed. Many puppies who are born with heart murmurs will not have them as they get older. Give your puppy some time to see if he will outgrow the heart murmur.
  2. If your puppy gets older and develops heart health issues prevention will be needed. It can sometimes take a few years to know if it will be life threatening to your pet. Your vet will be able to run tests such as electrocardiogram which is test that measures heart rate and lets them know if there is a murmur. Another test that can be done is echocardiogram. This test looks for valves that aren't working properly and determines how well your pet's heart is working. Your vet may also do x-rays to determine abnormalities of the cardiac-pulmonary system.
  3. If the heart murmur is severe enough surgery may be required. If a canine doesn't improve with time and age, a surgical procedure can be done to replace or even repair the mitral valve in your canine. However before considering a surgical procedure your vet will consider your pet's age and over all health condition.
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