How To Treat Chronic Mononucleosis

Learn about how to treat chronic mononucleosis so that you can handle on the symptoms. Mono is an infectious diseases spread through saliva. It affects primarily young people in high school and college.  It is often called the kissing disease. Chronic mononucleosis is when the infection last longer than six months often with reoccurring symptoms. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr  virus.  These symptoms are fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat and  fever. It is a rare condition to get chronic mono  but it  does occur. Some people have the virus but not the  symptoms because it is dormant.  Others have the symptoms and it reoccurs every few years.

  1. Blood and Tissue Sample. If you have chronic mono, you will need a blood test and tissue sample from you doctor.  This way, he can test to make sure that you have the disease. Once you know that you do have it, you will want to treat one symptom at a time as it arises. Some tests for mono include a blood count and examining liver enzymes levels.
  2. Antibotics. Some patients treat mono with antibiotics like amoxicillin and clavulnate. These antibiotics have the side effects of a rash on some patients, but may be needed for serious infections. To alleviate other symptoms like sore throat and tonsil swelling, a corticoid may be prescribed like predisone. Some over the counter medications are prescribed and are effective for milder symptoms.
  3. Rest and drinking fluids. Drinking plenty of fluids like water and fruit juices is another way to treat mono.  Bed rest and letting the immune system heal the illness naturally is important. Gargling with salt water that is warm for a sore throat and taking pain relievers like aspirin are often the treatments doctors recommend.
  4. Vitamins. Natural treatments are often prescribed by doctors like taking vitamins and herbal supplements. Vitamin A and Vitamin C boost the immune system and help the body fight infections. Zinc helps the body fight the infection of the Epstein-Barr virus. This disease often leads to a lack of B vitamins needed for nerve and hormonal health. So often vitamin B supplements are prescribed.
  5. Herbal Supplements. Herbal supplements can relieve the symptoms of chronic mono that occur. Cat's claw is a plant that will reduce swelling and pain. It is good for sore throat and fever. You can boil the bark in lemon juice and drink during the day. Gold seal is a good anti virus that helps with fighting the infection. Add some shitake mushrooms to some soup to help boost your immune system.
  6. Eating healthy. If you suffer from chronic mononucleosis, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, grains and lowfat dairy products will help your body fight infections and promote overall health.
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