How To Treat Dandruff

Want to know how to treat dandruff? Searching for a cure to treat dandruff could be an endless search for some people that deal with the condition. Treating dandruff can be easy, if you know how dandruff actually develops on the skin. To treat dandruff, you must understand why dandruff exists. Dandruff is actually produced by a type of skin condition, that is related to fungus, called malassezia. This condition, in simple terms, irritates the skin to the point that the skin cells turn over and reproduce faster than the older cells die. When this happens, you have extra skin that becomes dry and flakes off. That seems logical, but treating dandruff is a bit harder than how the dandruff is actually produced.    

Things you will need to treat dandruff:


  • Zinc pyrithione
  • Tar-
  1. Use shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione.  Many people who have dandruff use the popular brand, Head & Shoulders, for dandruff. This is a good choice, along with other special formulas that contain a chemical called zinc pyrithione, These types of shampoos that contain that chemical will help reduce and get rid of the fungus that causes dandruff. 
  2. Use shampoos that contain Tar- that helps treat dandruff. Tar- contains coal tar, which is a byproduct of coal manufacturing, can really help treat dandruff. This chemical actually helps the reduce the process of how quickly your skin cells die, thus treating dandruff pretty easily.
  3. Wash your hair every day to prevent dandruff. By washing your scalp once a day, you are helping dandruff go away. Scrubbing the scalp may get rid of dead skin cells caused by dandruff and remove them faster. You should use a dandruff related shampoo while washing your hair, and you should scrub with your fingertips thoroughly instead of just fingernails. By rubbing your scalp, it accelerates your hair follicles, helping the skin to grow at a natural rate.
  4. Stop using styling products to treat dandruff. If you are using multiple styling products on your hair daily or even weekly, it could be causing dandruff to become worse. Instead, try going natural. A lot of hair styling products contain alcohol which can dry the scalp out worse.
  5. Be sure to get the right vitamins to treat dandruff. Yes, what you actually consume in your body might help treat dandruff. Vitamin B, Zinc, and certain types of fat help to treat dandruff. These vitamins all contribute to healthy skin and hair.
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