How To Treat Elbow Joint Pain

Want to find out how to treat elbow joint pain?  As we get older, or even after strenuous activity, our joints are more likely to cause pain.  If you use your elbow too much, it can experience swelling.  The tendons of the elbow, which connect the muscle to the arm bone, can become inflamed.  Tennis elbow is one example of injuring an elbow with overuse.  Men can also get elbow joint pain from golfing or any other activity that involves a great deal of arm movement.  Read on to find out how to treat elbow joint pain effectively.

How to Treat Elbow Joint Pain:

  1. Apply Ice.  Get an ice pack and apply it to the elbow for ten to fifteen minutes every hour for one day.  You shouldn't put the ice pack directly on the skin, so feel free to place a cloth in between the ice pack and the arm.  After the first day, continue to apply ice to the elbow joint every few hours for the next day or two.
  2. Rest.  Do not use your elbow – give it a rest for a minimum of two days after pain begins.  The elbow joint needs to recover from being used too much, and rest will allow the swelling to go down and the tendons to become strengthened with gentle flexibility exercises.  Take three weeks off from the activity that caused the injury.
  3. Medication.  Take an over-the-counter pain killer for one to two days in order to alleviate the elbow joint pain you are experiencing.
  4. Wrap It.  Use an ace-type bandage to immobilize the elbow in order to prevent additional injury while you are resting it.  In a slightly bent position, firmly wrap the ace bandage around the elbow and then fasten it.  Make sure it is not too tight or it will cut off circulation.  Using the bandage will also make sure you are not using the elbow joint when you shouldn't be.
  5. Seek Assistance.  If, after resting your elbow joint for a couple of days, you are still experiencing elbow joint pain, you should consult a physician.  You may have arthritis, infection, or some other reason for elbow joint pain.

These steps should allow your elbow joint to rest and begin to feel better after a couple of days.  Ice should reduce any swelling in the joint, and the medication should make the elbow joint pain more tolerable.  Of course, if your elbow joint pain doesn't subside within a few days, you should seek qualified medical assistance.

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