How To Treat Encysted Hydrocele

Do you need to know how to treat encysted hydrocele? An encysted hydrocele is a buildup of fluid in the scrotum that causes the testicle to become swollen. Though a hydrocele is most common in newborn infants, it can be caused in older men if the testicle is injured or inflamed, or if there is a buildup of blood or fluid within the spermatic cord.

A hydrocele is usually not painful or dangerous, so it only needs to be treated if it is large enough to threaten the testicle's blood supply or cause discomfort or embarrassment. It also needs to be treated if you have a hernia in addition to the hydrocele, which is a common occurrence. Here are some ways your doctor may treat an encysted hydrocele:

  1. Hydroceles are most often treated with a surgical procedure. The surgeon makes an incision on the scrotum and drains the fluid. He may also remove the tissue pocket that holds the fluid. The surgery is typically done under general anesthesia. This is usually an outpatient procedure, with a recovery time of about four to seven days.
  2. Sometimes, hydroceles are treated with aspiration. This is when the doctor removes the fluid with a needle. Aspiration is usually done when surgery is risky for the patient due to other health risks.

If your testicle is swollen, see your doctor. Though encysted hydroceles are usually harmless, swelling can also indicate other diseases and conditions, including hernia or testicular cancer. If the swelling you have is painful, it is probably not an encysted hydrocele.

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